Power Showers In Detail

So what are power showers? A power shower is very similar in appearance to an electric shower, but they operate on very different principles. Electric power showers don't heat there own water. Electric power showers have an on board pump that pumps water hot water from the immersion tank and cold water from a cold water storage tank. The big problem with this type of shower is that it runs out of hot water very quickly, and you will have to wait for the hot water to re-heat before you can use the shower again. Not much good if you have a big family. The other disadvantage is that you need a gravity fed hot water system to fit this kind of shower. If you have a combination boiler heating system, then this type of shower cant be fitted,as they can not be connected to mains water supply pipes.

On a more positive note they are a really powerful shower, and if they are only used occasionally a perfectly OK. This type of shower requires a fair degree of plumbing work to install it and some electrical work.
The other type type of power shower is a mixer valve and pump, these are two separate items the valve and the pump unit. They operate on the exact same theory as an electric power shower, they don't heat there own water. They are costly to buy and costly to fit, and will run out of water very fast. They look good but the performance is very short lived, not a good choice if you have a big family and if you have a combination boiler fitted then this type of shower can not be installed.

So what's a pumped electric shower A pumped electric shower is exactly the same as an electric shower in operation, except the water supply. It heats its own water supply with an on board element. An ordinary electric shower is connected to the mains cold water supply, but the pumped electric version is plumbed into a gravity fed supply, from a tank in the loft or attic. This type of shower is specially designed for areas with very low or non existent water pressure. The only draw back with this type of shower is that you need a cold water tank in the loft or attic. Some property's don't have water storage tanks, so if you are planning to buy this type of shower make sure you have a header tank fitted. They will also require a separate electric feed to supply the unit with electricity, exactly the same an electric shower. It is recommended to have a qualified electrician to carry out any installation work work as electric showers can be dangerous if not fitted correctly.
This is a good type of shower unit, it is suitable for every day use and is also a good choice if your family is large. A pumped electric shower can replace an ordinary electric shower with small modifications to the plumbing. This type of shower is also rated in kilowatts and skilled advice should be sought from a qualified electrician as to what size shower to purchase before you buy your shower.